Pyramid Lake Graffiti Clean Up Day


On May 21st the Paiute Tribe of Pyramid Lake organized a clean up day to remove grafitti on the East side of the lake near the Pyramid.   We had a great turnout thanks to Wendell Henry, Lela Leyva, Susie Albright, Truckee Bob, and many others that contributed their efforts to make this happen.  Sierra Soda Blasting donated their time, labor and  equipment, as did Custom Painting and Decorating from Sparks.  Pyramid Lake Search and Rescue and the Paiute Fire Dept were both there with their equipment and muscle.

Pyramid & Stone Mother Area Closed

The Entrance now has a sign for limited access for Tribal Members Only.


Early Morning about 8:00 am, a view coming in to help with the clean up.

Everybody Needs One Sooner or Later

Cleaning a Tufa Rock

Frank & Sally Ready to Clean

Frank is from sutcliffe and was one of the blasters that helped clean the Grafitti off the Tufa.

Carol & Linda Cleaning Trash from the Rocks

The Tufa rocks and surrounding areas were full of broken bottles, plastic, metal cans, paper, food wrappers, you name it, we found it.  I found two plastic GI Joe figures and a really cool old fishing lure.


Shaking Hands

In the beginning before the blaster ( I love that word) machines arrived the guys were using drills with wire brushes on the end.  It was taking forever, but it did do a decent job of getting the black paint off.


This is the generator that powered the drills.

Be Careful!!!

The guys had to be very careful.  The tufa rock is sharp and you had to stand in a precarious position in order to get to it.

Using Drills With Wire Brushes

These drills did a pretty good job of getting the top layer of paint off the tufa.

Taking Hose to the Top

Finally the Big Guns showed up with the blasters!  (love that word)

More Hose

This guy is dragging the hose up so the guys can get started with the soda blasting.

Alonso w/ Sierra Soda Blasting

Sierra Soda Blasting donated their time and equiptment.  This is Alonso and he was in charge of working the blaster machine.  I had a movie of Alonso explaining the process, but the file was too large to download.  The soda is a non chemical process that will not harm the tufa.


Big Guns are Here!

It was very loud and dusty.  They guys looked like ghosts when they were finished.

Soda Blasting

More Blasting

Linda Picking Up Trash

Linda, who lives in Sutcliffe donated her time to pick up trash found in and around the tufa rocks.  Its not any easy job either.  Trying to keep a foothold and not slip.

Nevada Skies Youth

The boys from Nevada Skies Youth facility at Big Bend in Wadsworth showed up to give a helping hand!

More Grafitti

There were numerous areas that the graffiti had to be removed.  This one was just behind the Stone Mother.

Using Drills Till the Big Guns Show Up

Cleaning Fire Soot off the Tufa

All ages showed up to help clean up the Pyramid Site.

Cleaning Fire Soot off Tufa

Cleaning the Tufa Rock

Everyone worked really hard to get the tufa back to its original state.

Ready to Clean # 2 Graffiti

This is the second round of soda blasting.

Team Work

Hard Work


Burning Brush

Dragging Water Hose

They used water to wash the soda off the tufa but it will take time for it to return to its normal state.


Sand Blasting

Doing a Great Job

Blasting the fire soot off the tufa

Trash from the Beach

Linda and Tex show us the trash they found on the beach.

Getting the BBQ Ready

The Pyramid Lake Veterans & Warriors Organization provided the BBQ Lunch for everyone after we finished, and it was delicious!!!!

Burgers and Dogs!

Before we ate lunch we had a wonderful Prayer and Song from the Paiute Tribe.  I did not feel it was appropriate to take pictures during that time.

Time to Eat!

Veteran Truckee Bob

Fire Rescue also Donated Time

Enjoying a Late Lunch


One of the guys found a snake to scare the kids with…!

Big Snake!!!

Nice snake!!!

They reluctantly decided to touch it.

Stone Mother Keeping An Eye

The weather was very cooperative and gave us a warm day with sun and clouds. Stone Mother will be keeping her eye on you.

Hangin Out

Truckee Bob

All in a days work.

The Chief

View of Pyramid After the Clean Up

A Big Thank you to everyone who showed up to help clean up the graffiti.

Pyramid lake is spiritual.  A place I love to come and just be.  I consider it an honor to have been able to explore and photograph her in all her moods.

“The Journey that you take is more important than your destination”

Thank you for this journey.



















About Sally

“All too often, we take for granted the gifts of nature that surround us everyday.” With her camera, Sally Hanrahan captures images that move the spirit and imagination, and marries those images of spiritual, natural, and rugged beauty with the changing of the seasons. Originally from Michigan, Sally’s interest as a photographer came at the early age of fifteen. Her parent’s love of nature influenced her appreciation for the beauty and serenity that Mother Earth created. Her Grandmother’s love of photography and her Mother’s amazing talent with oils and watercolors brought to life the landscapes she yearned to visit. A self trained photographer with a natural talent, Sally has been capturing landscapes for over 30 years. Her pictures were shown at the 2007 Sierra Autumn Photo Exhibit at Bartley Ranch and won the 2nd place People’s Choice Award for ‘Fall at Caughlin Ranch.’ Sally took first place in two categories for the Nevada Magazine’s 2011 Great Nevada Picture Hunt and won Event runner up in 2015. She has shown ‘Fighting Mustangs’, a tribute to the wild horses of Nevada, both at the Artistic Viewpoints Gallery in Gardnerville, NV for the Wild Mustang Exhibit, and at the Truckee River Gallery in Reno for the ‘Art of the Horse’ exhibit. She was among those who showed at the Patagonia outlet for the Winnemucca Ranch fundraiser. In addition, Sally has presented her photo art periodically at the Truckee River Gallery in downtown Reno and for the Nevada Land Trust Fundraisers at Rancho San Rafael Wilbur D. May Museum. Sally moved to Reno in 2006, and devotes her high energy and free time to hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, and anything having to do with the outdoors. She has worked as a landscape designer for over 25 years and is especially fond of perennial gardens. The landscape is her pallet and her camera is always hanging from her shoulder ready for the next breathtaking shot. “The journey that you take is more important than your destination” Unknown
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