White Pelican Migration at Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Hello Friends and Virtual Travelers.

Every year the white pelicans fly in to Pyramid Lake and nest on Anaho Island.  The populations of White Pelicans west of the rockies, migrate over mountains and deserts on their way to the pacific coast.  Stay tuned for more fun facts and amazing pictures coming soon.

White pelican migration at Pyramid Lake Nevada

White Pelican Migration at Pyramid Lake


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Wild Mustangs of Nevada!

Hello Friends & Virtual Travelers!

I have been photographing wild mustangs for about six years now.  Mustangs are Wild!   I see fights like this once in a while.   Some are playful, some are territorial, some are over a filly or mare.  This yearling says, “I’m out of here”!

Two mustangs fighting and standing on their hind legs and a third yearling running as if to say Im outta here!

Fighting Mustangs

They are familiar with me but I respect their space.  Some will give you “The Look” and stand so still you would think they were a statue.  They are watching you.  I talk to them so they know my voice and I move slowly.  They are so beautiful, even when they are beat up from a fight with scars, they still have that wild beauty.

a mustang giving me the look that he is keeping an eye on me

"The Look"

These two are the same mustang’s fighting above but have come down on all fours to settle who’s boss!

two mustangs going head to head

Head to Head

Keeping an eye on the rest of the herd.

This mustang is keeping an eye on the rest of the herd

Keeping an Eye

Young Stud is heading for a drink but looks at me first to make sure it’s safe.

a young colt heads for a drink of water

Young Stud

Paint running to catch up with the herd.

Wild Mustang Paint

Wild Mustang Runs

Taking a dinner break with Mom

Wild Mustang

Time for Dinner

Palamino and Mate were feeding along the Virginia Range outside of Dayton. The drought this year is making it difficult for them to find enough food and water.


Wild Mustang on the Virginia Range

This Appaloosa looking Mustang is one of the prettiest I’ve seen out near Clark.
Of course they are all beautiful but some just stand out more than others.

Wild Mustang

Appaloosa Mustang

I found Micco just standing next to the road and had to pull over to capture his beauty. He was very frisky so I kept my distance. They are wild you know. He has an amazing mane on him!


Wild Mustang Micco


Wild Mustang Micco

His mane is so beautiful I decided to name him Blue.


Wild Mustang -Blue

Diamond is still a young filly.


Diamond in the Rough

Happy Trails……




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